A person who aspires to become Prostaff must first take some steps before reaching it.  The achievement of this objective was part of my plans and its realization meets exactly my aspirations.  The link between a Prostaff and the company it represents is much greater than a link between a seller and supplier.  It is a two-way link.  The Prostaff becomes its spokesperson, its visibility on the ground and its reference to its product. We are proud of each other!  But it does not come without effort.  You have to get involved, know people, make yourself known and, very importantly, find yourself at least one niche in which you have developed a recognized expertise.  In my case, my continued involvement in the various modules of the PESCOF program (both as an instructor and as a Regional Manager) and my excellent qualifications as an instructor and wild turkey hunter will have greatly helped me achieve my goal.

Do I want to stop there, well NO?  To be Prostaff just to be Prostaff, NO thank you.  But to be Prostaff for a supplier in which I believe and that I can flourish, even to contribute to its evolution, and well to that I say YES!  And don’t forget, I am a passionate, if I collaborate with you, get ready, I will go at full tilt !

Here are the companies for which I am Prostaff.  Click image for more info.