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Who am I ?

Let me introduce myself : Pierre Roy, I live in the Monteregie region in the province of Quebec in Canada. French speaking original, I'm comfortable with the English language.

L’Appel du Roy – The call of the king is the name I gave to myself as an Expert in the field of hunting & fishing. Specifically, I want to highlight all the hunts that involve "the call". The privilege of being able to communicate with wildlife became a passion for me and I want to share. By creating L’Appel du Roy, this way I can reach more people and, in so doing, be able to help these people and share with them.

Me as an hunter and fisherman

My first contact with wildlife was at fishing. Very young, with my father and other members of my family, I was introduced to this wonderful activity. It was towards the end of adolescence that my adventure with hunting began, especially with small game. In the late 1990s, I began hunting big game as a bowhunter.

Since I drive almost every big game. Deer, moose, bear, boar and wild turkey are all gone from my annual appointments. Then come sometimes migratory birds and small game. The slideshow below shows some pictures of hunting and fishing (by browsing the website "French", you will find many more photos and videos).

Moose hunting has awakened in me the desire to communicate with wildlife. However, it is hunting wild turkeys that all switches; I had a bite and solid apart from that ! Since that time, any excuse is good to be able to hunt using the call, it became a passion for me! I master several types of calls and for several different beasts.

English : The call of the king

My involvement in the hunting & fishing area

I am involved in various activities in the field of H & F but in fact, this desire to want to get involved is part of my daily life for many years. You will find at the end of this page the summary of my other implications.

Regarding the field of H & F, the turning point was when I became PESCOF instructor in 2003. In Quebec, it is the agency Quebec Federation of Anglers and Hunters (FédéCP.com) which is responsible for the dissemination of courses obtaining hunter certificate and / or the acquisition of the certificate of firearm handling. Having passed all certification stages, I received the accreditation for all of these courses : CFSC (Canadian Firearm Safety Course), IHF (Introducing Hunting with Firearm), IHBC (Introducing hunting with Bow and Crossbow) and hunting wild turkey seminar. For these modules, I am bilingual instructor. Moreover, since 2010, I am the regional PESCOF coordinator (Laval-Montreal-Montérégie), I am responsible for a group of about 70 instructors. All these responsibilities are done as a volunteer. Finally, for the FédéCP, I take care of the Mentoring web site for our regional,
I am vice-president on the board of directors of my regional and I am also a member of the provincial board for Sécurité Nature.

In the summer of 2015, I became ProStaff for Elite Belt.  Elite designs and manufactures sling for firearms. With these belts, the gun is faced us, which allows us to have at any time a free hand and, via its Quick clipping system, it allows us to support our firearm quickly. It is with pride that I work with this product.

In 2017, I became Prostaff for Les Produits Extrêmes CG. This company offers a range of high quality products that are extremely effective in attracting game while being practical for the hunter. Their products are made from the most natural and nutritious products possible to ensure the maintenance of good health in the game that consumes it. 

In addition to these implications, I also acts as a hunting guide, a trainer, speaker, accompanist and many other functions. Here is my summary of implications:

• Creation of my personal identity as a professional hunting area (also including a little fishing); L’Appel du Roy – The call of the king.  This way, I want to share my passion for all hunts using "Call".  Hunting wild turkeys being my specialty;

• I am a Prostaff for 2 companies : Elite belts and Les produits Extrêmes CG ;

• Since 2003, I am bilingual PESCOF instructor for FédéCP. I started with CFSC & IHF modules and then I added the IHBC module as well as the seminar on the Wild Turkey;

• Since 2010, I am regional PESCOF coordinator.  After that, I became vice-president on the board of directors of my regional and I am also a member of the provincial board for Sécurité Nature;

• For several years, I am volunteer for "Outfitter show" and "Expert Hunting & Fishing show" in Montreal where I represents the FédéCP at their stand;

• Since 2010, I am one of the Director for ACPVR club. For this club, I get involved in the website and I am responsible for the Facebook page;

• I facilitated, with the collaboration of a biologist from the government, workshops on biology and deer hunting in Montérégie. These workshops were organized by Nature-Action;

• I have collaborated several times with Nature-Action in different folders as an expert on the deer;

• In July, 2012, I won the first prize for Merit of sustainable development at Hydro-Quebec for my work outside of the company;

• Since 2013, I have been involved in the Youth program is under the Zec Jaro in Beauce. I went as a representative of FédéCP and as a hunting guide and companion;

• I am responsible for the regional wensite of the Mentoring Program for the FédéCP. I am also one of the mentors of this program.

• For several years, I participate in “La fête de la pêche” (fishing provincial festival) on the Richelieu River. I accompany Richelieu Optimist Club who organizes this day in collaboration with the COVABAR.

• I wrote some articles for the magazine "Sentier Chasse et Pêche" (October 2015, page 22, February 2016, page 20 and August 2017, page 16).  I also wrote, in collaboration with Mr. Patrick Campeau, a recognized Canandian fisherman, an article on the wild turkey hunt, an article that appeared in the Montreal newspaper of April 27, 2016.

• At the annual meeting of the FédéCP Regional MLM of February 2016, I had the honor to receive two recognition awards ; Regional Monitor Medal and PESCOF Animation. I was given the medal of Regional monitor for the quality of my training and my involvement with clubs and instructors of our regional. The price for The PESCOF Animation was given to me for my dedication to the PESCOF program and radiation that I do within our region as well as outside it.


Implications volunteers other than Hunting & Fishing

As mentioned earlier, I have been involved for several years in various social activities. At the beginning in order to support my children and now, since my children have become great adults, I involve myself according to my personal interests. Here are my main implications:

• For 2016 - 2017, I was a Master of ceremonies for a Governor of the International Optimist movement;

• Director of the main activities in 2009-2010 and 2012-2013 for the Optimist movement;

• Lieutenant Governor in 2007-2008 to the Optimist movement;

• Chairman of the Optimist Club Richelieu 2005-2006;

• Secretary for Amateur Radio Club of St-Jean-Richelieu in 2003 and 2004;

• Secretary to the soccer club Juvenile Richelieu from 1997 to 2000;

• President of the Association of Soccer Richelieu Bonsecours from 1996 to 2000;

• Soccer coach from 1995 to 2000.

In summary

This was a very brief overview of the L’Appel du Roy. I hope one day to offer you a complete website in English but in the meantime, if you have questions, comments or want additional information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Be sure of one thing; if I sailed with you, you will not regret it!


L'Appel du Roy - The call of the king